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CLIENTNational School Boards Association

ROLEmarketing consulting, design

PROJECTStrade show exhibits planning, design, and implementation

NSBA is a federation of state school boards associations, offering advocacy, representation, and services for local school boards. As NSBA’s marketing director for more than a decade, I developed a keen interest in trade show marketing.

Since 1994, I have contracted with NSBA to administer their trade show program at state and national conferences. I advise them on which booth properties to use, plan and monitor the shipments, order the show services, track the inventory, and develop the budget.

I designed three large (20’x30’) exhibits and handled production for numerous smaller booths. I travel to NSBA-sponsored trade shows, supervising booth installation and dismantle.

I represent a number of exhibit manufacturers, and have access to the full range of exhibit suppliers.

NSBA exhibit and design work