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CLIENTChapel Hill Public Arts Commission

ROLEdesign, marketing consulting, copywriting

PROJECTSlogo, stationery, website, direct mail, signage, newsletter

The Chapel Hill Public Arts Commission is a 16-member volunteer board established in 1992 to increase public access to the arts, provide opportunities for local artists to display their work, and promote public understanding and awareness of the arts.

When I began working with the commission, their identity was solely that of the Town of Chapel Hill. As an arts organization, I thought it was important for them to have a unique, creative logo and message. I designed a logo which alludes to a two-dimensional framed piece. Their Poppy Red and Warm Gray color scheme has worked well with the colorful artworks promoted through the various programs.

I redesigned the CHPAC website in collaboration with Carol Thomson of Firestream Media. Although it was labor-intensive to prepare the images for this site, they importantly conveyed the abundance of beautiful local talent. Sadly, the site has been subsumed under the Town website and is no longer available for viewing.

CHPAC website

There were a number of CHPAC print projects I worked on, including a newsletter that was printed as part of the Chapel Hill News, ads on Chapel Hill public transit buses, and signage. Below are some examples.

CHPAC newsletter